Curly Spuds

A Curly Spud is a whole potato twisted on a skewer, battered in gluten free flour, fried and seasoned with one of our hand blended seasoned spices.

Our Curly Spuds are cooked on the spot, fresh and delicious.  Cooked in the finest oil and served immediately for our customers to enjoy.  Our batter and seasonings are free from gluten, diary, nuts, eggs and fructose.  They are vegan friendly and Halal.

You will find us getting around to many markets and events throughout Victoria.  Whatever your taste buds are after, we can definitely help you out.  Having a chef in charge with over 15 years experience means the possibilities are endless.

We can bring our specially designed food van or our marquees to your event.

Visit us at Curly Spuds Website.