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About Peináo: A Greek Feast for All

Peináo translates to ‘I’m hungry’ in Greek, which is how you’ll feel flipping through this book. Whether you’re cooking for a dinner party, breakfast for family, or mezze for friends, there’s a delicious Greek feast for every occasion. This isn’t another taverna cookbook; authors Helena and Vikki Moursellas are here to share their fun and modern spins on the Greek classics. Join them and discover the joy that comes from gathering around a table filled with delicious, soulful dishes made with love.

About the author

Helena and Vikki Moursellas are identical twins born in Adelaide, South Australia. They learned how to cook from their Greek grandmother, Koula, and grew up with a passion and love for Greek cuisine. Finalists on Australian TV show My Kitchen Rules, the twins won the hearts of the nation with their Greek family food. In 2015, they published their first cookbook Taking You Home: Simple Greek Food for Friends & Family with Hachette Books Australia.

They have spent the last ten years working in the food industry in Sydney and currently work in publishing. Helena and Vikki Moursellas are freelance food photography chefs, recipe developers and content creators working with brands such as Bonnie and Neil, Harris Farm, Bed Threads, WÜSTHOF and Olea Olive Oil.

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