Pancretan Association Intermediate & Junior Dancing Group

Sunday 25 - 2:30-2:50pm - #LoveLonsdale (Time subject to change)

The Pancretan Association of Melbourne – Australia was created from the unification of the three historical organisations from Melbourne. Namely the Cretan League of Victoria established in 1968, Rethimnian Association of Melbourne – Australia “ARKADI” established in 1972 and the Pancretan Brotherhood of Melbourne & Victoria established in 1977.

The aims and objectives of the Pancretan Association was to bring together the Hellenes of Cretan descent who over 40 years ago arrived in Australia as migrants and to promote, educate and enhance new Generations of the Cretan values, traditions and ideals through our social, philanthropic, educational and recreational activities.

The Pancretan Youth Committee was formed in 1976 of second Generation Greek Australians of Cretan background. Their purpose was to bring young people of similar background together to celebrate their Hellenic identity and Cretan Ancestry.

Our Youth Committee today is made up of a great group of vibrant individuals willing to serve the Pancretan Association of Melbourne - Australia with great pride and passion.

We are a group represented by 3rd and 4th generation youth dancers who range from the ages of 4-16. The kids are extremely proud honoured to represent their heritage through dance and music.

Dances being performed are all from Crete. Musiciancs are performing Cretan Tradition songs for the dancing group to perform to.

Find out more at Pancretan Association of Melbourne Facebook Page