GCM Dance Group - Sarakatsanika Dances

Sunday 25 - 3:40-4:05pm - Main Stage (Time subject to change)

The Greek Community of Melbourne Dance Group has been teaching authentic greek dance and culture for 20+ years and enjoys the reputation of being one of the longest running and successful dance schools in Victoria. Pupils are trained in the traditional folk style dancing, which maintains the Greek culture for past, current and future generations of Australian Greeks. The Greek Community of Melbourne Dance Group incorporates dances from Euboea, Gagavouz Thrace, Naxos, Cappadochia, Vlach, Sarakatsan, Drama, Konitsa, Messinia, Karagounika, Northern Thrace, Serres, Grevena & Voio Kozani, Roumlouki, Goumenissa Kilkis, Levos & Chios, Ikaria, Eptanissa, Dodecanese & Xiromero.

The Sarakatsan people lived a nomadic life in the summer months in mountainous villages and in the winter months on the lowlands the same way the vlachs also lived. The made straw circular houses and at the end of the season would pull them down. Their dances were accompanied mainly by singing only and not instruments. Their most iconic song is the stavroto symbolising the blood brothers oath they would swear with locals in the areas they would spend in the summer. Tsamika, Syrta, Zagorisia etc are NON sarakatsan dances that were later adopted. The sarakatsan people lived their nomadic life until the 1960s.

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