Flambouro Philanthropic Society of South Australia

Saturday 24 - 3:45-4:05pm - A&A Holdings (Time subject to change)

The Flambouro Philanthropic society of S.A, established in 1957, has been and will continue to be a proud society. Complete with a rich heritage of dance, food and community spirit, the new comittee were lucky enough to hold celebrations for our recent 60th anniversary which included reintroducing our dance group who have enjoyed exploring the various dances from our region.

The Flambouro Philanthropic society of South Australia dance group combine our rich tradional dances with modern choreography, which ensures an entertaining performance. We are dedicated to keeping our tradional dances alive while showcasing our keen interest in preserving the fun and "Kefi" aspect of one of our most treasured forms of cultural expression. Greek Dance comes from within and we enjoy showcasing our passion.