The Cultural Centre of Florinians "O Aristotelis"

Junior Saturday 24 - 2:45-3:00pm - #LoveLonsdale
Intermediate Sunday 25 - 6:45-7:00pm - Main Stage
Senior Sunday 25 - 7:00-7:20pm - Main Stage
(Times subject to change)

Established in 1956, The Cultural Centre of Florinians (Aristotelis) is one of Melbournes oldest Greek clubs. It's purpose, to showcase and propagate Florinian culture amongst its younger generations and the wider Greek and non-Greek community. It hosts the Fasolada Festival and boasts a large dance-troupe performing to exciting Halkina music.

Today’s dances are from Macedonia. The pride of Northern-Greece. We will feature dances predominantly from Florina and surrounds, displayed beautifully in authentic colourful costumes, kindly donated over the years from older migrant Florinian club-members. We also have a live Halkina band helping us capture the essence of Florina and Macedonia.

Find out more at Florina Aristotelis Dance Group Facebook Page