Akrites Tou Pontou

Sunday 25 - 8:00-8:20pm - Main Stage (Time subject to change)

Akrites Tou Pontou was established in 2012 aiming to unite people with a passion for Pontian culture here in the Greek diaspora of Australia. We also strive to develop leadership qualities through dance, cultural and professional programs. Across the last decade, we have been best known for our cross-cultural collaborations with Indigenous Australian, Maori, Georgian, Assyrian, and Armenian groups. Our junior and senior groups participate in a range of performances and events, including the Antipodes Festival and annual Synapantema festival.

A showcase of dances performed by junior and senior groups that highlight the dynamism of the Pontic culture and evoke a strong sense of community and strength such as the Kotsari and the Serra. A musical showcase will accompany that seeks to excite and energise our audience.

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