Anthea 'Jewels' Band

Sunday 25 - 4:25-5:10pm - A&A Holdings (Time subject to change)

Undeniably talented, with a voice that stems from the depths of a soulful heart Anthea 'Jewels' Sidiropoulos is a diverse and dynamic vocalist/performer who has enjoyed a music career spanning over 15 years as an indie-artist. Anthea is known to perform Greek Rembetika and contemporary rock, jazz and blues bands in the Australian Janis Joplin tribute show, Pearl.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia to a Greek Diaspora family, Anthea's life was a mix between politics and music. Her father, the late Theo Sidiropoulos became the first Greek migrant elected as Mayor of Collingwood, then Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Victorian Parliament. Today, Anthea honours her Greek heritage by performing traditional Rembetika music at local festivals and community events around Australia.

While overcoming an intense stint with cancer, it was music that saved Anthea's life. During her first chemo treatment, she was introduced to the incomparable music and electrifying persona of Janis Joplin. It was love at first sound! Like Janis' music empowered her through the difficulty of cancer, today Anthea focuses on empowering others through music. You can find Anthea writing and producing original song recordings, contributing her soulful vocal abilities on fellow musician albums or speaking to community groups about her personal battles with cancer.

Find out more at Anthea 'Jewels' Music Facebook Page